A Slow Return To Normal

Friday, March 23, 2012

The sun has returned to Valencia and so has the warm weather.  It makes one want to get out and get around, even if one has to limit the quantity of both out and around.  I finished my third PT session today and decided that I would take public transportation home instead of taking a cab.  The best way was the Metro and it left me a good five blocks from the house.  I remembered that slow and steady wins the race and although I did not break any land speed records, I got home with a minimum of discomfort.

Susan had gone out to meet with Zahava for a coffee and then she was to go on to the Central Market to stock up on just about everything since we were running low.  Since she had not returned home, I decided to visit the salon where she had her hair cut the other week, to see if I could make an appointment.  As it turned out they were not very busy and said that if I wanted to get my hair cut at that very moment that could be done.  They did a very good job of cutting my hair and trimming my beard.  Barbers want to cut everything way back and I end up looking like a plucked chicken.  Stressing that I wanted my beard to have the same contour, but less hair was very well understood by my stylist and I do not look like I just had a haircut.  I just look well groomed.

When I finished PT yesterday I called Susan and we agreed to meet at Carusel for a little lunch.  We discovered that they are going to be closed until the 27th of March to recover from the crush of Fallas.  We gave some thought to The Ginger Loft, but they were not open and so we made our way to El Molinón and had a lovely lunch of pulpo a la gallega and a steak.  Dessert was a slice of an almond cake that is called tarta de Santiago and we followed that with coffee and a liqueur.  The knee felt good enough to walk on and so we made our way back home at a very slow pace.

The rest of our day was uneventful.  Susan made an impressive chicken cacciatore and along with some pasta that was our supper.  We did watch a little TV and we read for a while.  We were in bed well before 11:00 PM.  Bedtime tonight just may be a bit later.

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