Another Arresting Experience At La Comisaría!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

We have just finished a fantastic breakfast of lox, onions and eggs and Susan is on the couch reading and I, obviously, am in front of the computer writing today’s edition of the blog.  We have a guitar concert this evening and are looking forward to that.  For the moment that is the only event on today’s agenda.

Yesterday I learned the intent of each of the devices to which I am attached when I do my PT sessions.  One of the devices stimulates the muscle in my thigh that connects to the knee with the goal of strengthening that muscle.  The second device where the electrodes are attached on both sides of the knee is intended to relax that area of the knee and bring down the swelling.  The Magneto (as they call the machine) is intended to evaporate the fluid that has collected on the right side of my knee.  The isometric exercises are intended to strengthen all muscles that support the knee.

I received some good news yesterday from our insurance company.  They have authorized all my PT sessions so we will not have out of pocket expenses for that phase of my treatment.  Additionally, they will reimburse us any out of pocket expenses that we have incurred.  It took several rounds of e-mails and phone calls to make this happen, but at least it happened.

When I finished my PT session yesterday I felt good enough to use the Metro to get back home.  I got off at Ángel Guimerá and walked the six or so blocks to the house.  It took a bit of effort, but I was glad to be out on the street again participating in life instead of watching it pass by my window.  I also got a haircut before I returned back home for lunch.  Since we were going to dine out last night, we lunched on some very delicious leftovers and then decided to take life easy for the next several hours.

Brian and Ofelia came by at 8:00 and we chatted for a while, drinks in hand.  A little before 9:00 we headed out for La Comisaría.  We decided to walk there and it did take a goodly amount of time and effort to get there, but get there we did.  We were greeted by Ana and on our way to our corner table we finally had the chance to meet the owner and chef de cuisine, Edward Phillips Blanco.

Over a bottle of a full bodied Ribera del Duero red we studied the menu and chose six different tapas since the idea here is to share all the plates that are placed in the center of the table.  Each dish comes out separately and that allows the focus to be on that dish and that dish alone.  Last night we enjoyed a dish of baby beans, artichokes with Serrano ham, Valencian tomatoes prepared three different ways, a delightful dish composed of a variety of mushrooms, langoustine lollipops and pig cheeks.  It is almost impossible for me to find the words to describe the complexity of each dish, its visual impact and its impact on the taste buds.  Each dish was unique and the ingredients of each dish married well together.

As I have mentioned before, one of the best parts of sitting downstairs is the ability to watch each plate being prepared.  Watching Eddie is like watching an artist attack an empty canvas and create a masterpiece.  Eddie’s canvas is the bare white plate and he uses his culinary skills and his artistic sensibilities to create a dish that attracts the eye and pleases the palate.  I think the central ingredient that makes for a true dining experience is Eddie’s obvious passion for what he does.  In the two hours we spent at the restaurant he produced dish after dish for what was a full restaurant.  Each dish was prepared with the same amount of care in the belief that every diner is entitled to the same fine experience whether they began their meal early or late.

We did manage to partake of a second bottle of wine and because we were rather full we opted for one serving of dessert, which the four of us shared.  It was a delightful combination of a very light, brownie-like chocolate cake served with fresh strawberries, pistachio ice cream and a strawberry infused whipped cream.  Delicious!  We were offered a liqueur, which we gladly accepted.  Next came a most pleasant surprise – a bottle of champagne compliments of the house.  Eddie said it was a thank you for the nice review of the restaurant that I had posted on my blog a few weeks ago.  All of a sudden a meal that was a ten became an eleven!

Brian and Ofelia enjoyed the meal as much as we did and Ofelia was even happier when she discovered that I had brought along a few magic tricks for after dinner entertainment.  Both of the effects played well and I was happy that they did.  Ofelia has recently become part of a gallery that will afford her a workspace as well as an exhibition space.  There is to be a big celebration of the arts in that general area in mid-May and Ofelia would like me to come and do some magic.  We shall see.  Needless to say, I am entertaining the idea.

We opted to walk back home and I started to run out of energy as we drew closer to home, however I did manage to make it all the way back home.  I was surprised to discover that it was 12:30.  I made a beeline to the freezer and took out one of the icepacks that now have a permanent home there.  I iced down the knee and by 1:00 I was under the covers on my way to dreamland.  Here is a video that I found on line that will give you a further idea of what it’s like to dine at La Comisaría.

Carrillada de Cerdo



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1 Response to Another Arresting Experience At La Comisaría!

  1. Pepe Monfort says:

    jajaja… qué bueno lo de La Comisaría, no he ido nunca pero tendré que ir lo antes posible. El cocinero me suena, a lo mejor lo conocí en otro restaurante…

    ¡Un abrazo Martin!… y a ver si la semana que viene ya podemos quedar algún día.

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