It’s All Done With Magnets

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rachel is back in Boulder and her suitcase is in Cincinnati.  It seems that the young lady who checked Rachel in on her Air Europa flight to Paris, actually checked in the wrong passenger.  Both Rachel and Susan noticed the error before Rachel went through security and called it to the attention of the young woman who committed the error.  In spite of her promise to get Rachel’s bag sent back to the check-in counter and to personally change the destination of the bag to San Francisco, it just didn’t happen.  Rachel was told that her bag would be delivered to Boulder later today and let’s just hope that is indeed the case because her laptop is in that suitcase.

Yesterday was a horrible day weather-wise both in Valencia and in most of Spain.  Madrid woke up to snow-covered streets due to overnight snow.  Here in Valencia the rain fell hard all day and the wind was quite powerful.  It was one of those winds that turn your umbrella inside out.  We decided to have lunch at La Fórcola because of its proximity and the additional fact that it was raining.  The place was packed.  That not only surprised us, but it surprised the staff who thought that yesterday would be a slow day after Fallas.  We did not have a reservation, but we lucked out because someone was getting ready to leave.  Those who arrived after us were not so fortunate.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed my pizza and Susan enjoyed a veal steak that was smothered in a delightful green peppercorn sauce.

We kicked back after lunch and Susan actually took a nap.  I left the house at 6:30 PM bound for Quirón where I was to meet Doctor Rubio who would assess the condition of my knee and recommend the proper rehabilitation therapy.  Fifteen minutes later, I was in the rehabilitation center where I made an appointment for today’s PT session.  I have been scheduled for fifteen sessions and each will begin at 11:30.  It appears that each of my session has four different components.  Two of them involve electrical stimulation.  With the first, the electrodes are placed above the knee, high up on my upper leg.  The placement of the second set of electrodes is to the right and to the left of my kneecap.  The third component is isometric exercises.  There are eight of them, all done for fifteen repetitions and each exercise is done twice.  I then have a twenty-five minute magnetotherapy session.  The literature seems to indicate that magnetotherapy is of value when treating knee problems.  Today’s session ended at 1:30 and I imagine that when I become more familiar with the exercises the sessions will not last as long.  We shall see.  As always, hope springs eternal.

Magneto-therapy at its finest!

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