My 15 Minutes Of Fame Will Have To Wait!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I am getting a late start on today’s blog entry.  Our cleaning lady was unable to come today and that caused a bit of scheduling chaos for me.  Nothing horrible, but if you have been looking for today’s post and couldn’t find it, now you know why.

Yesterday was a mostly uneventful day.  I did get in my morning workout and that was really a plus for me.  I also received an e-mail in the morning from Destino España to tell me that they already had someone from the States living in Valencia that they would be interviewing for the program.  They sent me a six-page questionnaire to fill out and return and they will keep it on file for future reference.  Doesn’t it sound a lot like the following: “thank you for submitting your resume.  Unfortunately we have no openings at the moment that match your qualifications.  However, we will keep your resume on file in case an opening does arise.”  The bottom line is, if they want me they know how to get in touch with me.

I also put some finishing touches on the English version of the Magic Agora promo that will soon hit the Internet.  I saw a preliminary version on Saturday when we had lunch with Pepe in Pedreguer.  I got to see the finished product yesterday.  It is absolutely amazing.  If you are familiar with Marshall McLuhan’s idea of the medium being the message the video says so much more about the project than what the script has to say.  No one will ever doubt that this is a unique project that is both artistic and magical.

I received a letter from customs at Barajas Airport in Madrid telling me that the package that Rachel had sent us with Susan’s birthday gifts was there awaiting the payment of import duties.  Huh?  That has never happened before.  In the end I had to fill in some information on the form and send it back to them and we are now waiting to hear from them as to the resolution of the issue.  Either we will pay the import duties and receive the package or they will acknowledge that it is a gift and, as such not subject to any duty.  The only good news is that it solved the mystery of where the hell is the package.

Susan had her Pilates class yesterday afternoon and afterwards met up with Ofelia for coffee and a walk.  They spent part of their time together taking photos of wall art.  Susan still has her camera and that is why there are no photos to accompany today’s blog.  Susan got home a little after 7:30 and we were in for the night.  We split our evening hours between the computer and reading.  We had a light supper of leftovers and we got to bed rather early.  That was a good idea because we both needed the rest.

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