At Last We Have An Identity…Card!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today is a partly cloudy day and I cannot remember the last time we had a partly cloudy day here in Valencia.  We have a light agenda today.  I will be heading off to the gym a little later and Susan has an afternoon Pilates class, after which she will catch up with Ofelia.

After breakfast we took a cab to the Comisaría de Patraix to pick up our identity cards that show that we are legally here on a residence visa.  We did have to wait in line for a half an hour to finally enter the building and be handed our card, but at least we did not have to go through the five-hour ordeal that we suffered through in November.  When we got home, we did a little straightening up and packed up a pair of shoes that I needed to return to Amazon in the UK because I had ordered the wrong size.  We headed off to the post office and, to our dismay, discovered that it would cost us 22 Euros to send it off.  Amazon will pick up half the costs so that helps.  Our mistake was to box up the shoes instead of putting them in a plastic mailing bag.  We will remember that for the next go round.

Since we were near The Ginger Loft we decided to drop in for lunch.  There was a party of ten already seated at a long table, so Susan and I sat at the remaining open table downstairs.  We chatted briefly with Mike who had spent some time recently with his family in Scotland.  We then set about ordering.  Our lunch yesterday started off with some caponata, followed by a lentil soup, a tandoori chicken wrap, a Chinese beef dish and lastly a Thai curry.  As usual, everything was very tasty with just the right amount of heat.  We paid our bill and headed off to the Corte Inglés to pick up a few things.

When we got home, it was a little after 5:00 PM and we stayed at home for the rest of the day.  I did make one foray outside the house to pick up some smoked turkey and a few other items, but that was it.  We spent our evening reading, talking with Rachel via FaceTime and watching the first episode of Downton Abbey thanks to iTunes.  We read until 11:30 and then we called it a night.


Orzo, sausage and goat cheese

Cupola of main post office in Valencia

Post office interior


Yellow lentil soup

Yellow lentil soup detail

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