Rest Is Best – October 21, 2009

Today is going to be a day for me to catch up on a number of things.  I need to work on a blog entry, take care of some college recommendations that I have agreed to write and work on a couple of magic effects for tomorrow evening’s gathering of los veteranos.  Susan has decided that she wants to return to La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias to shoot some more pictures.  She takes off about 11:00 and we agree to meet for lunch at a restaurant call La Lambrusquería that Nick had pointed out to us when we did our swing through the Cánovas section of the city.

I finish my work at 1:00 and take a shower and get dressed.  I meet Susan a little after two and we choose the menu of the day.  We both start with an outstanding spinach salad and Susan follows with a plate of pasta and I choose pizza.  We order a bottle of wine and later have dessert and coffee.  The two menus added up to 13.90 Euros and the wine was another $13 Euros.  Not bad for a fancy little restaurant.  We head back home at 5:00 and decide to take life easy.  Susan resumes her reading of The Time Traveler’s Wife and I head out to play the slots.  Luck is with me and I cash out 100 Euros, which means that I made a 65 Euro profit.  After almost six weeks, I am still ahead.

We decide to spend the evening at home.  We both read for a while and then we watch THE BROTHERS BLOOM, which we had downloaded from iTunes.  I watch for an hour and then give up and go to bed.  Susan stays until the bitter end and makes her way upstairs a little after midnight to sleep perchance to dream.

Here are some of the photos that Susan took yesterday.

Arts and Sciences 006Arts and Sciences 007Arts and Sciences 009Arts and Sciences 010Arts and Sciences 014Arts and Sciences 017Arts and Sciences 018

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