To Market To Market – October 20, 2009

We awake today with a goal in mind.  We want to go to the market and find all the vegetables in yesterday’s puchero that we were unable to identify.  We also need to pick up some food for lunch today and dinner tonight. All the photos at the bottom of this post were taken by Susan.

We have made it a habit of printing the pictures that we take of the various vendors in the market and giving them the photos.  It just seems like the right thing to do.  The Central  Market and its vendors is photographed endlessly by natives and tourists alike and I am willing to bet that the vendors who end up being photographed never get to see the results.  We decided to change that.  After we distribute the photos we took on Saturday we visit with Solaz and purchase some paté, as well as some boiled ham and Serrano ham.  Next we stop at our favorite greengrocer and pick up some fruit and vegetables.  It is apple season in Spain and we buy a couple of Fujis.  Our next stop is Basilio’s where we bought our steaks on Friday.  Today we purchase some veal.  We then head for home.

We put away the groceries and I head out to print some pictures, buy a memory stick and print out a file.  It takes me a little longer than expected because of the goodly number of customers ahead of me.  There is also a problem printing out the file.  I get home at 1:30 and Susan is in the process of preparing lunch.  We have a lovely salad and the veal, prepared milanesa style and we open a bottle of rose.

After the table is cleared and the dishes put away, we both set to work on our computers.  Susan is working on a DVD of our experience at Seu-Xerea, while I work on my blog.  We take a break at 7:30 and go out in search of a cup of coffee.  We also go for a little walk to get in a bit of exercise.  When we get home, we fire up the DVD player and watch another episode of Los Hombres de Paco.  We snack on paté and olives while we watch.  When the episode ends, we turn off all lights and head upstairs and go to Market 10 20 002bed.



Market 10 20 003Market 10 20 004Market 10 20 005Market 10 20 006Market 10 20 007Market 10 20 008Market 10 20 009

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