The Dog’s Cojones – September 30, 2009

The rain lasted most of the day on Tuesday and that mean that they activity of the day would be limited to working on the computer and reading.  Jonathan Tropper’s THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU.  It deals with a dysfunctional family who gather together at the family home to sit SHIVA (seven days of morning) for their father. I enjoyed the book thoroughly.  I found it to be sad, funny and, at times, touching.  You don’t have to be Jewish to read this book, but you need to be able to deal with rather dark humor, at times.

The skies cleared around 5:00 PM and we decided to escape the confines of the apartment.  I wanted to locate a joke store to pick up an item that I needed for one of my magic effects.  We did manage to find the store, but, unfortunately they did not have the item I was looking for.  While we were out, we decided to go in search of a Laundromat that was supposedly located just down the street from the main entrance to the Central Market.  We did indeed find it, and tomorrow we will bring in almost two weeks worth of dirty clothes so that we can have clean clothes for the upcoming eight days we will spend away from Valencia.

On our way home, we once again passed by a clothing store that is called THE DOG’S COJONES, which translates as the DOG’S BALLS or so I thought.  The name of the shop made no sense to me whatsoever.  A few days ago I was listening to an Eddy Izard‘s CIRCLE CD and I was able to solve the mystery.  The correct translation of the store name should be THE DOG’S BOLLOCKS, which is a British slang expression that mean’s “excellent.” Having solved the mystery, sleep has come more easily these past few nights.

Our evening was uneventful.  We watched a game show on TV and then we read some more.  The weather promises to improve tomorrow.  That will make it a bit easier to do all that we need to do to head off to Madrid on Thursday.

Street Scenes 003

A stand outside the Cental market that specializes in a variety of nuts.

A stand outside the Cental market that specializes in a variety of nuts.

Street Scenes 005

All the hardware you need to make a paella.

All the hardware you need to make a paella.

Street Scenes 012

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