Fun In The Sun

Sunday, May 26, 2013

This week has been a typical week.  We have done nothing out of the ordinary, yet we have been busy both in and out of the house.  Susan has been occupied with photography and has worked on a couple of projects.  My magic focus this week has been on magic that can be done in the hands.  I know that sooner or late I will be asked to do some walk around magic at one of Jordi’s restaurants and so I want to be prepared.

Speaking of magic I went to the CIVAC meeting on Monday evening and to the meeting of the veteranos on Thursday.  Both were mainly social events with a little magic thrown in.  The theme for tomorrow’s CIVAC meeting is “your favorite trick” and I already have something prepared.

We went to the Restaurante Levante on Thursday after having talked about getting there for a couple of months now.  Having dined at the one in Benisanó we decided to give the one in Valencia a try.  We were pleased to discover that Rafael Vidal who is usually found at the restaurant in Benisanó was in Valencia subbing for his son, Javier, who normally is in charge.  We had a good time catching up and then proceeded to enjoy some stuffed piquillo peppers and an esgarraet made with cod and mojama.  The piece de resistance was an arroz a banda that was perfectly cooked in a seafood stock that made the dish along with the variety of seafood in the rice itself.  For dessert we both had the fig ice cream, which we have only found at both Levantes and nowhere else.

Friday turned out to be movie night and we went to the Cine babel to see “The Great Gatsby”.  We both enjoyed the film and when the film ended we were surprise that the two hours and fifteen minutes had gone by so quickly.  It is, in our opinion, good entertainment, but it is far from being a great film.  On the way home we stopped at The Ginger Loft and had a couple of tapas along with a drink and then slowly made our way home.

Yesterday we had lunch at Carosel enjoying a number of appetizers that include a brochette of fried chicken along with a gazpacho salad.  Jordi had taken the traditional gazpacho and added some chopped vegetables and a variety of lettuces.  It featured both great texture and great taste.  Our main dish was a paella made with chicken, rabbit, meatballs and egg plant that also included broad beans and garrafón.  We discovered that Jordi was in the hospital with what they believe is an infection and die to the swelling he was told by is doctor that, as a precaution he should admit himself to the hospital where they could give him an intravenous cocktail of antibiotics to reduce the swelling and to do an x-ray or two to make sure that it was only an infection.  He should be released in the next day or two.

Last night we went to a guitar concert courtesy of Los Amigos de la Guitarra de Valencia.  The featured artist was Alessio Nebiolo and his concert ran the gamut from classical to jazz.  It is no wonder that he has won many top honors and has played with a number of symphony orchestras worldwide.  After the concert we walked home and although it was a little past nine it was still rather light out.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with Ofelia and Brian.  It has recently opened and is called El Rodamón.  The menu is international in nature and it looks interesting.  We shall see.

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