Do You Believe In Magic?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It’s in the 70’s today and a jacket proved to be unnecessary.  I managed to make it to the gym today and got in thirty minutes of cardio, as well as some work on my core.  The added advantage of keeping Neogym as my gym is that it is a five-mile round-trip so it gives me double cardio points.

For the past few weeks I have been working on putting together a stand-up show for adults, now that my kids show come in at a solid thirty minutes.  I have consulted with a number of professionals who recommend that there be no more than two card effects in the set.  That proved to be a bit of a challenge since there are a number of possibilities for stand-up with cards.  I had to do a bit of winnowing, but I think the two card effects that will be part of my act are quite strong and, in fact, one of them will be my closer.

The other effects will prove to be a challenge since I have rarely performed them in public and they have received neither great attention nor hours of practice.  The good news is that there is no rush to get my act together and I will decide when and if it is ready for public consumption.  The good news is I have the concept that links all the effects together making them a meaningful whole and I have done some work on the scripting.  There will also be some musical elements.

It had been a while since we had visited with Eddie at La Comisaría so that’s where we headed yesterday at 2:30.  As we made our way to and then down Calle Baja we were struck by the fact that most of the restaurants that we passed were either not open or had very few customers.  It is understandable because after the holiday season I am sure that money is in short supply.  A number of the inside tables were already occupied and we sat at another because it was just a bit too chilly to dine outside.

We opted for the menu of the day and yesterday it included a bomba de pato­, a creamed spinach soup made with both spinach and eggplant, and fried ravioli.  Our main dish was a fideuá replete with shrimp and eggplant.  Eddie’s version is not as dry as many fideuás tend to be.  It was the perfect dish for a chilly afternoon.  Dessert was strawberry ice cream served with brownie bits, crushed almonds and fresh strawberries.  We finished the meal with coffee and then made our way back home where we stayed for the remainder of the day until we went to bed.

IMG_0752 IMG_0755 IMG_0758 IMG_0761 IMG_0763


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