An Unexpected Concert

Monday, December 3, 2012

It’s December and the temperature is struggling to get into the high 50’s.  It’s brisk, but it’s not unpleasant. I still amazed at the sight of people all bundled up sitting at outside tables at cafes and restaurants.  I am also amazed at the proliferation of scarves.  On average, the weather here is similar to that of Los Angeles, so, to be honest, I really don’t notice the change in seasons. In truth the only time I noticed the change of seasons was when there was snow up to my eyeballs.  I truly did not appreciate it when the season changed to winter.

Yesterday started out as a lazy day.  Susan made some French toast and topped it off with a topping of fresh and dried fruit that had been warmed up.  What a great way to start the day.  We puttered around until lunchtime and decided that we would pay a visit to the Comisaría.  We were there in less than ten minutes,

We greeted Eddie and we took a seat at the fourtop in the corner that has a perfect view of the action.  Eddie is keeping busy and December will be a very busy month for him between catering events and company luncheons and dinners.  The restaurant was hopping and all the inside tables were filled.  The only available seating was on the terrace and some hearty souls were dining there.  We passed on the menu of the day since we had enjoyed a paella yesterday.  After studying the menu we decided on eggplant in a pesto sauce, dumplings dim sum style, a veal dish and some langoustines.  As usual everything was most tasty.

While we lingered over coffee and a chupito, Eddie sat down with us and we chatted for a good fifteen minutes.  While we were chatting the flamenco guitarist who plays at the restaurant on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings stopped by for a coffee.  He proceeded to take out his guitar and suddenly there was an impromptu concert taking place and we had the perfect seats.  Eddie’s wife came by with the baby and we had a chance to visit with Grace for a short while.  At 5:00 we made our way back home.

It was a quiet evening in Kaplanland.  I finished my Harry Bosch novel and we watched the first episode ever of Inspector Lewis.  We turned off the TV soon after the episode was ever and headed to bed around 11:30.


Eddie and Grace


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