Campaign Or Campain?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In less than twenty-four hours we will know the outcome of the election.  It seems like the campaign has gone on forever and the truth of the matter is, it has gone on forever.  In Spain, the campaign is much shorter because the process is less complex.  The head of each party becomes the Prime Minister if that party obtains a parliamentary majority and the party itself elects its own head.  Barring any changes in leadership the next contest will be between Mariano Rajoy, the current PM, and Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, the leader of the PSOE.  Also, no campaigning is allowed the day before the election.  It is called the Day of Decision.  Lastly, I have never seen a political ad on Spanish TV.

Not much has been happening here in Kaplanland.  Sunday we went to the movies to see “Skyfall”, the new James Bond film.  I was surprised and dismayed to discover that this is the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise and that I was twenty-one years old when I saw my first Bond film with the best Bond ever, Sean Connery.  We very much enjoyed the film, although I thought the opening credits were overdone.  Javier Bardem as the villain was disgustingly creepy.  The writing for this film was much stronger than previous Bond films and there were the requisite number of car chases, fights and explosions.  The film lasts more than two hours.

We walked to the theater and we walked back for a total of four miles.  On our way home we stopped of at El Molinón and snacked on some buñuelos de bacalao and albóndigas.  We then headed back home and stayed put for the evening.

Yesterday Susan went to her Pilates class and I made it to the gym.  We tried out a new place for lunch, El Balconcillo and it was a very enjoyable experience we will pay a return visit.  Yesterday we had a tomato salad topped with chunks of tuna, artichoke hearts cooked with ham and a shrimp and mushroom scramble.  We shared a piece of carrot cake for dessert.

After lunch we paid another visit to the Corte Inglés in search of the elusive fresh cranberry and they agreed to give us a call and let us know whether they will be available this November or not.  I final tracked down a bottle of Chinchón, an anise flavored liqueur and that made my day.

There was a lecture at the CIVAC last night given by a professional magician from Valencia who goes by the name of Magnolo.  He demonstrated a number of effects and then sold his lecture notes and other things after the lecture.  The gang set down for a light supper at 10:00, but I decided to head back home and have supper with Susan.

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