A Lovely Lunch

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Well, the weather forecast was spot on…somewhere, but not here in Valencia.  Instead of rain we are enjoying a sunny day with an expected high of 82.  I am sure we will be able to deal with it.

Yesterday morning saw us making our way to the Corte Inglés with a number of stops along the way.  We were hoping to find fresh cranberries so that Susan could make her cranberry relish for Thanksgiving.  However, we did not find any.  We did find them there last year, but it may be a bit too early to find fresh cranberries.  It did not occur to us to look in the frozen food section, but we will certainly check there during our next visit.

We decided to have lunch at Carosel and it turned out to be a good decision, as it always is.  Yesterday’s appetizers consisted of a broth – caldo de puchero – with a traditional meatball, a cream of queso fresco topped with a foam of escalibada, a small casserole of octopus, pork bits and garbanzos and a delightful fried treat made with lomo.  Our main dish was a stew made with alubias blancas – white kidney beans – and clams.  It went very well with a bottle of Albariño.  Dessert was a chocolate cream topped with a raspberry foam.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.

It was close to 5:00 when we got back home and although we gave some thought to going out again, we decided to be lazy and just lounge around.  We read for a while, played on the computer and watched a little TV.  We gave in at 11:30 and went to bed.

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