Catching Up Is Hard To Do!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Everything that was not functioning when we got home has been restored to its functioning state, exception being made for the Sharp HD TV, which was fried by the electrical surge in December.  The electrician came today to replace the fan and the light kit in the den, the hot water heater is cranking out hot water like nobody’s business and the heat function on the unit has been restored to its normal operating condition.  Thankfully, the air conditioning function of the unit was left unscathed.

We continue to sift through our things in preparation for the big move.  Susan has gone through all her clothes and, for that matter, so have I.  Goodwill and Out of the Closet will be receiving bags and bags of clothing in the next few days.  Susan continues to sort through documents and photographs and when time permits she uploads CD’s to her iTunes account.  I am uploading CD’s, also.  When that task is finished – and it will probably take another couple of weeks – we will sell all our CD’s.  I am also busily trying to gather all my magic together and sort it so that I can store it in Valencia.  The movers will pack all my books, so that aspect has been completed.  I am trying to sort out my card collection that involves normal decks, trick decks and components to make trick decks.  I have been working on that particular task for three days and I keep discovering more and more cards.  I have sorted through more than six hundred decks and there are many more that need to be organized.  Once all the cards have been categorized and stored, I can move on to other effects.  This will be a long process.

We have eaten out several times since our return.  We have been to The Diner on Main, Central Park, Charlie’s Trio Cafe, Gus’s, 38 Degrees and a new Chinese restaurant for us, Hui Tou Xiang Noodle House.  Today I had lunch with a former colleague, Bill Harrison, at Houston’s.  We have also taken a number of meals at home and on the menu tonight we have gazpacho and tortilla de patata.

We have rejoined our Saturday morning exercise class and I have started my individual sessions with Brandon Flowers.  I will be focusing on my knee in my work with Brandon and on general exercise in the Saturday class.  The knee is acting up a bit these days, but I think it’s the result of exercise, 12 hours in a plane and the many flight of stairs that I need to traverse to get from the garage to the first floor and up to the second floor.

With regard to the sale of the house, the couple who was interested and made an offer seems to have vanished into the mist.  We had two visits this weekend and both couples were very impressed with the house and wanted to know if the furniture was for sale, too.  Let’s see if an offer is made by either of the couples. Oh well, they say patience is a virtue.

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