The Twilight Zone

Friday, August 3, 2012


Yesterday our electrician was the first to arrive and he opined that the reason the fan and light were not working was a problem with either or both circuit boards.  The least expensive option appeared to be replacing the whole unit and searching out Home Depot for a satisfactory replacement.  Next to arrive was our heating and air conditioning guy.  He was unable to get the heating unit to start up in spite of all his efforts.  He concluded that the circuit board had been fried during a power surge and it needed to be replaced.  He returned at 1:30 and replaced the part for $900.

Susan went out to lunch with Ruth and several others and since I was babysitting the repairmen I foraged for lunch and finished off Wednesday’s leftovers.  I took a quick shower and headed off to a training session with my buddy, Brandon Flowers.  I will be working with him twice a week to strengthen the knee and I will use the one group class for which I have enrolled to do general strength training.  At 4:30 I headed of to visit with Dean Dill and spent a fun hour there.

When I returned home I began the process of transferring CD’s to iTunes because we really do not want to take all our CD’s with us because we control all our music through IOS devices.  When I made my third trip up the stairs carrying about a dozen CD’s, something very strange happened.  When I walked in the lights below the ceiling fan were on.  I had not touched the switch and Susan had not touched the switch.  I tried the fan.  It was working, also.  I shut everything off and turned it on again.  No problem.  Both are still functioning as I write this.  Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

For dinner we followed the path of least resistance and went to Charlie’s Trio for a pizza.  We had a chance to catch up with out favorite waiter, Ross.  Our pizza arrived and we enjoyed half a shrimp pesto pizza complemented by half a sausage pesto pizza.  By the time we left the restaurant, we were rather exhausted so we headed back home.  I finished the first phase of the CD project and Susan turned on the TV in the other room to watch the Olympics.  Bedtime came soon thereafter.

Here are some old Westridge shots for your amusement.

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