Together Again

Sunday, July 22, 2012

We slept in yesterday and then had a leisurely breakfast.  Susan had made a coca the other day and we enjoyed it along with some fruit and coffee.  Shortly afterwards we geared up and went to the Central Market.  We introduced Juliet to our favorite sellers and also picked up what we needed for the upcoming weekend.  After we put things away, Juliet and I went in search of an SD card for her camera.  It took a bit of effort to find a place that still sold such a small capacity card, but find it we did.

We had lunch at home.  Susan prepared one of her specialty salads and we enjoyed that along with a fresh loaf of bread from El Parisien.  We kicked back a bit after lunch and I opted for a nap while Susan and Juliet went out to explore the city a bit.  They explored the Turia walking almost to the Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias and they rewarded their effort with a horchata and later an ice cream from Linares.

Juliet and I headed to the train station at 7:45 to meet Hilary and William who were scheduled to arrive at 8:18 on the AVE from Madrid.  We had heard from Hilary earlier in the day.  They had landed in Madrid, but although Hilary’s suitcase had arrived, William’s had not.  It did show up some two hours later on the next Air France flight.  Juliet’s suitcase has been located and will be waiting for her on Tuesday when she lands at Las Palmas.

Once Hilary and William had gotten settled we ventured forth into the night.  We made our way to Carosel where there was an outdoor table waiting for us.  As we enjoyed the night air and the sounds of the city we dined on some octopus, some croquetas de pollo, jamón serrano and a paella de mariscos.  We lingered over dessert and coffee and finished our meal with an orujo de hierbas.  It was close to midnight by the time we walked through the front door.  We prepared the sofa bed for William and we then said our goodnights.  How great it is to host old friends in our new home.


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