Countdown To Re-entry

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It has been a quiet week thus far.  We are taking life easy while we give some thought to all we need to do when we are back in LA at the end of July.  In addition to a number of doctor appointments, we need to decide what we want to ship over to Spain and what we need to get rid of.  Accounts need to be closed and the cars need to be sold.  Our goal is to return to Spain on October 2, but we may end up leaving earlier depending on what happens with the sale of the house and/or how our household goods end up getting shipped.

I did get to the CIVAC on Monday and there were about ten of us.  We just sat around and shot the breeze.  Paquito gave a couple of the newer members a mini-course on basic card handling.  Afterwards we retired to The London Café for a sandwich and a beer.  Around midnight we all went our separate ways.

Yesterday’s big even was a trip to the Central Market. In addition to replenishing our supply of fruits and vegetables, we picked up a couple of center-cut pork chops from our friendly butcher, Basilio.  They were the centerpieces of our lunch.  Tuesday evening we just hung out.  Today has been low-key thus far.  We are going to a jazz concert at the Palau.  The Seda Jazz Big Band is in concert.  The last time we heard them was at the National Magic Convention here in Valencia.  It should be fun.

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1 Response to Countdown To Re-entry

  1. Pete Biro says:

    did you contact the moving company I suggested? What cars you selling?

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