A Lazy Afternoon

Monday, June 25, 2012

Temperatures have been flirting with the 100’s the last few days and the trend is predicted to continue all this week.  Susan is at her Pilates class and I am trying to get some of my magic things in order, but that seems to be a never-ending task.  Later this afternoon we will call up the moving company and ask them to deliver some boxes so that we can pack up our stuff and see on what day they can do that for us.  There is a CIVAC meeting this evening, but that is the only event on my schedule.

Susan got up early yesterday and decided to shoot some photos of Valencia early on a Sunday morning.  She picked up some pastry on the way back and that was our breakfast.  For lunch she put together a salad using all the vegetables that Eddie had given us and cooked up the zucchini with some garlic and onion.  She cooked up a couple of thin filets and we had ourselves an outstanding lunch.

A little before 7:00 we decided that thing had cooled down enough for us to take a walk.  We made our way through the Turia heading towards the Torres de Serrano.  It was Sunday and the park was filled with people participating in all sorts of activities and some were just stretched out enjoying the sunny day.  We even stopped and watched a soccer game in progress on one of the many athletic fields that populate the park.

We exited the park and made our way to La Plaza de la Reina.  All the outdoor cafés were filled to capacity and the streets were filled with tourists.  We stopped by Linares for an ice cream and we then continued on our way home.  It was about 8:30 when we walked through the door and it marked the end of the longest walk I have taken since the end of February.  We spent the evening relaxing, reading and watching some TV.  We were in bed by 11:30.

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