Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The day is overcast and it is sprinkling very lightly.  Yesterday, while we were having lunch at La Fórcola the skies opened up and it poured like all get out and ten minutes later the sun came out.  Our lunch at La Fórcola was pleasant – a shared salad, a pasta for Susan and a pizza for me.  For dessert we sampled their homemade strawberry ice cream loaded with chips of white and dark chocolate.  After we finished our coffee, we headed back home.

Susan headed off at 4:00 to catch up with Ofelia at a nearby museum and I just relaxed and took life easy.  I even had a brief nap.  I also did a brief inventory of what magic tricks I had here in Valencia that would be appropriate for kids’ show.  There is no need for me to worry. I have more than enough.

In the evening we decided to take in a movie and we walked from the house to the Yelmo Cines complex.  It is a good fifteen minutes walk.  We were there to see the British film, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Our friend, Ruth, had recommended it to us and after a number of false starts we were finally in line at the box office buying our tickets.  We watched the original version, which has Spanish subtitles.  There may have been a dozen people along with us watching the movie in what is the smallest of the sixteen showrooms in the complex.

We thoroughly enjoyed the movie and all the actors did an outstanding job.  The film was directed by Lasse Hallström and his deft touch was noticeable throughout.  The shots of the scenery were breathtaking and the plot not overly complex, yet believable.  It was a very good film.  If you have not seen it, here is a link to the trailer

After the film we made our way back home, but on the way we stopped of at Salatën for a few tapas and a beer.  We ordered a plate of steamed mussels, a couple of anchovies, several buñuelos de bacalao and some puntitas, which are the small squid legs that are deep-fried.  Service was a bit slow, but every dish that came out was very tasty.  When we left the restaurant it was a little after 11:30 and we stayed up for another half hour to let everything digest.  We went to bed a little after midnight.


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