La Comisaría IV

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The past few days have been rather uneventful.  The knee problem is improving, but I still cannot do as much walking as I became accustomed to here and that means less activities.  However, I seem to have no problem making it to restaurants.  A typical day sees me walking from the house to the Ángel Guimerá Metro stop and getting off at Facultats and from there walking to the hospital.  The journey is reversed to get back home.  I then walk from the house to wherever our target restaurant is.  Yesterday we returned to El Cuento.

El Cuento is an old reliable.  We know that we can always count on a good basic meal there and it never disappoints.  Our Monday choices included gazpacho and filets of a fish called corvina, which I have discovered is a catchall term for a variety of species.  It is a mild white fish and it was simply prepared on the flattop with a touch of garlic and olive oil.  Susan had strawberries and whipped cream for dessert and I had an apple pastry that was homemade.  We finished the meal with the obligatory coffee and we then headed back home.

I was supposed to meet with Melissa at 5:00, but she sent me a text message telling me that she had to stay at school to hang an art exhibit that was opening on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I did not notice that I had received a message and so at 5:00 I dutifully headed to the corner café where we usually meet.  I waited a half an hour before I gave up the ghost.  When I got home and checked my messages I discovered that Melissa had sent me a text at 3:45.

I headed out to the CIVAC meeting a little after 8:00.  The theme for the night was tricks created by Chicago magician John Bannon.  Bannon has been publishing his material for a good twenty-five years and most of his effects revolve around cards.  Four or five of us participated in last night’s show and tell – Pepe, Paquito, Giocodimani, Juanma Marcos and I.  At around 10:00 people started leaving and I held out until 10:30 when I started getting real sleepy.  It took me fifteen minutes to walk back home and it was only then that I realized that all in all I had probably walked a bit more than three miles and that is the most I have walked in the past two months.  Hurray!

When I woke up on Tuesday my knee told me that yesterday I had walked more than I had in the past two months.  I went through my usual morning routine and then headed out for the hospital.  When I got back home Susan was playing on the computer, reinforcing the concepts that she has been learning at her PhotoShop class.  Soon it was time to ask the familiar question of what should we do about lunch.  We decided that we had not been to the Comisaría for a while, so off we went.

There were only a few diners when we walked in and that meant that we would get the prime table.  We consider it the prime table because we can watch Eddie do his thing.  As Susan is fond of saying, we get to see him prepare the dish, we get to see the finished product and then we get to eat it.  What could be bad?  Ana was our server and we knew that with Eddie in the kitchen and Ana serving we were in for another spectacular experience.

Denia is a small town located in the province of Alicante and it is part of the Comunidad Valenciana.  Its seafood is highly prized and yesterday two of the dishes were ordered were swimming in Denia’s waters two days prior to our enjoying them.  We had red squid to start our meal.  The squid itself in its natural state is not red.  The red refers to the color of the ingredients with which it is lightly coated.  It is cooked to perfection so that is a bit toothy and everything just seems t work perfectly.  The taste and the texture are unbelievable.  Next came a semi-ceviche of blue shrimp.  Lastly we had some baby artichokes with jamón serrano.  Since I do not have the menu descriptions in front of me I cannot be more specific about the additional ingredients of the latter two dishes.  I will just have to observe that they were a delight to the taste buds.  Dessert was a poppy seed cake with fresh strawberries and pineapple topped with a strawberry foam.  Coffee and a chupito followed.

After lunch we had a chance to chat with Eddie.  His wife is due sometime this week and although she is more anxious than he, it is obvious that he is anxious.  We also chatted a bit about his previous restaurant experiences here in Valencia.  Susan will be interviewing and photographing him in a couple of weeks so you can search out all the details in one of her future blog posts.

The rest of our day was rather uneventful.  Susan went to her class and I spent some time working on my magic and doing some writing.  We were in bed well before midnight.


Calamar Rojo in process

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