Jörg Alexander

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I have just returned from my physical therapy session and I return to the hospital this afternoon to meet with Dr Flores who is directing my rehabilitation.  I will find out if tomorrow will be my last physical therapy session or whether he will prescribe several more.  This evening I will have a chance to visit the gallery where Ofelia is exhibiting her paintings and afterwards Ofelia, Brian, Susan and I will have dinner together.

Yesterday Susan and I walked to Linares to have a late afternoon ice cream and that evening I made my way to the CIVAC meeting.  Jörg Alexander was lecturing and it promised to be very entertaining and very enlightening.  Jörg is part of a group called The Flicking Fingers and it is comprised of many of Germany’s best magicians and magic thinkers and inventors.  In the course of the evening he showed and then explained five effects: a three phase ring and string effect, an effect with 10 Euro bills, his version of McDonald’s Aces, an effect using 20 cards and two wine glasses and lastly an effect with Tarot cards.

All the effects were very impressive and extremely well thought out.  In truth, I do not know if I will eventually incorporate any of the effects into my repertoire.  However, I did learn a great deal about how to construct an effect and how to justify the presence of the materials you use in your effects.  After the lecture there were a number of items for sale and I helped out the cause.  The lecture was followed by one of Pepe’s paellas and the 22 of us present sat down for sustenance and conversation.  A little after 11:00 I was starting to lose steam, so I said my goodbyes and made my way home.  Susan was still up reading and both of us went to bed a little before midnight.

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