No Pasa Nada

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Operación Salida has begun.  Many people will be leaving town heading for parts unknown because it is Holy Week and that means five consecutive days when most businesses will be closed.  Many people will head for Andalusia to witness the celebrations there.  Many other will travel to those places where they might be spending their summer vacation and nail down the dates for their month in the sun.  It looks like there will be a great deal of rain covering the peninsula for the next few days and, as I write this, it is pouring outside.

After yesterday’s funeral mass for Paquito’s mother we headed back home and picked up the shopping cart.  We made our usual stops and bought a bit extra because the market will have irregular hours for the next few days.  We stopped and got a few fish filets and they became our lunch along with some fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil.  We did not do much of anything during the afternoon and Susan took off at 6:00 bound for her PhotoShop class.  I received a new translation request from Magic Agora so I spent an hour or so working on it and will finish it up some time this week.

I went to my physical therapy session this morning and I discovered that my next session would be on Tuesday because the clinic will be closed for the next five days.  On the way home I got off the metro at Colón and picked up some coffee at Nespresso.  I also picked up some bread along the way and made a stop at Nacho’s to get some smoked turkey breast and some Emmenthal.  He invited us to come visit with him on Saturday evening for a beer and some treats.  It should be fun.  Friday we have been invited to Zahava’s for the first night of Passover.

Susan began her photo project today and interviewed Teresa at A Nou and took a number of pictures.  She will be writing about her experiences in the near future so I will let her share her impressions with you.  I met with Nico for the last time today and we chatted for a good hour.  He heads to London on Sunday and will be there for the foreseeable future.  He gave me a bottle of wine and a CD of his group here in Valencia as a thank you for the time we worked together.  It was a very nice gesture on his part.  It was a learning experience for me, as much as it was for him.

It’s a slow news day and that’s about it from here.

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