The Jewish Patient

Friday, March 16, 2012

In about two hours I should know what the official story is with my left knee.  The prescribed medication has helped somewhat in diminishing the pain and I can now sleep through the night…well, almost so.  At the moment the house resembles an outpatient clinic.  I am dealing with my knee, Rachel has a stiff neck and Susan is experiencing some arch pain.  Thank God for ice!

Yesterday I resumed my role as couch potato in chief while Susan and Rachel ventured forth to see Thursday’s mascleta.  They did some exploring around the City Hall area and made it back home at 3:30.  Susan set forth preparing lunch, which included a pasta with tomatoes and green beans, some fish filets for Susan and Rachel and a bit of veal for me.  When lunch was finished, we all retired to our mutual corners and either read or played on the computer.  Susan and Rachel briefly toyed with the idea of seeing last night’s fireworks display that was scheduled for midnight, but they were too worn out from their very busy schedule of the previous days.

I am including some of the photos that Susan and Rachel took on Wednesday night in the Ruzafá neighborhood.  Enjoy!

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