I Am The King Of Kleenex!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I feel a bit better this morning, but the cold is still alive and well here in my body.  I may venture outside today, but if I do so, it will be a brief trip to pick up some more water.  Tap water here is laden with calcium and it mucks up any appliance that requires water.  Since the steam iron, the coffee maker and our electric teapot all fit into that category, we manage to go through a lot of water every week.

Pepe’s battle with Google+ continues.  They took down his Maja Desnuda graphic.  He has posted a new graphic and I will share that with you at the bottom of this post.

This enforced rest period has allowed me to give some thought to the potential kid show that I might do at Carusel.  I have divided the effects that I have here in Spain into two categories – the ones that need patter in order to be done and those that can be done silently.  I can probably do a 20 to 30 minute set with either.  I need to purchase a few basic items, but the good news is that they are all relatively inexpensive.

I spent most of yesterday reading a new novel, Cigarette Girl.  It is a fluff piece that deals with a young woman who works in the movie industry in Los Angeles.  It is the perfect book for me at this point in time since it requires little or no focus to make my way through the pages.  We also saw the second half of the documentary about Woody Allen.  It was just as good and as informative as the first part.  Allen is a true phenomenon who has managed to write and direct a new film every year.  He has had some misses along the way, but he has always done what he has wanted to do and has paid little or no attention to the demands of his critics.

That is about all that is happening in my Kleenex filled world.  Hopefully I will soon be back to doing more exciting things than lounging around.

Pepe's version of La Maja Desnuda

Pepe's 50th celebration

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