Waiting For Onó

January 26, 2012

Yesterday was a low-energy and minimal-activity day.  The technician for our cable company, Ono, was supposed to call in the morning between 9:00 and 12:00 to let us know when he would be arriving.  That call never came.  Our schedule got turned upside down for a variety of reasons and I did not get to the gym and Susan did not get to her Pilates class.  I met with Nico at 4:00 and we worked together for a good forty-five minutes.  We started off clearing up some of his grammatical doubts and then we spent the rest of the time chatting.  I was home by 5:00 and that is when we started preparing a rather late lunch.  Oven-baked potatoes and a steak were the features of this meal.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and around 7:30 we got changed and a bit later we headed out to the Teatro Olympia to see 40 El Musical.  It is a show that features some 30 songs from the past ten years or so that are linked together by a rather worn narrative.  The foci are the singing and the dancing because the libretto is filled with the usual stereotypes – the failed romance, the father who is dying, the athlete who suffers an accident and becomes paralyzed and the guy who realizes that he really is gay.  The show lasted almost three hours.  The audience loved it and Susan and I enjoyed it.

As we walked through the door at midnight FaceTime was signaling and it was Rachel calling from Boulder.  We had a pleasant conversation and were happy to discover that her travel plans for March are now complete.  She will be going to San Francisco for a games conference and from there will head to Valencia.  Needless to say, we are looking forward to seeing her.  We went to bed soon after we hung up from Rachel.

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