A Minimal Monday

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

For those of you who guessed that the prediction for patchy rain for yesterday would miss the mark, you win the prize.  There was patchy rain in the morning, but around the time I headed out for a haircut, it began to rain like all hell.  Torrents of rain fell amidst claps of thunder and bolts of lightening.  Sidewalks were flooded and sewers were having difficulty swallowing all the water that was coming their way.  Traffic was backed up and tempers flared.  The walk home was time enough for the rain to thoroughly soak through my jacket and my workout pants.  I am hopeful that my sneakers will dry out in the near future.

Yesterday morning saw me translating a letter that Magic Agora intends to send to all magic clubs in the USA, Canada and Great Britain.  Roberto Giobbi is in town shooting the video for the first of many classes he will offer through Magic Agora.  Danny Daortiz will be in town this Sunday and he and Pepe will discuss his participation in Magic Agora over lunch.  Rafael Benatar will be in town next Monday to discuss his role as the ambassador for Magic Agora, a role well suited to him because of his travels throughout Europe, the USA, South America and Japan.  The first courses are supposed to be launched in the next few weeks and the pace of work has quickened noticeably.

Susan’s knee was hurting her so she decided to take things easy yesterday.  She did a lot of reading, worked on the computer and watched some TV.  She made a delicious salad for lunch and then went back to reading her book.  The rest of our day was truly uneventful.  I passed up the meeting of the CIVAC because I was still drying out from my rain experience.  I spent most of the evening reading my book and we both turned in a little before midnight.

This is an actual FORCOLA from a gondola in Venice now on display at La Fórcola

A series of street shots courtesy of Vistas de Vida

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