Happy Birthday To Sue!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Yesterday was a day dedicated to taking life a bit easy, although Susan woke up early to wish Rachel a Happy New Year.  We had a leisurely breakfast and while we were finishing our coffee Susan received a text message from Zahava asking if we were going to be at home around noon.  We said we would be.

The bell rang a little after noon and Zahava and Klaus came through the door with a large shopping bag in hand.  They asked Susan to go into the office and close the door while they tended to something.  Two minutes later the all clear was sounded and Susan walked into the living room to discover a basket filled with goodies on the kitchen table.  There were various kinds of salt, saffron, black spaghetti, green peppercorn mustard, paté, chocolate covered figs and other goodies.  There was also a rolled up piece of paper with a ribbon and its message said that they had ordered an English version of a very lovely cookbook we had seen at their house when we had celebrated Hanukkah together.  The book would be arriving in the near future.  We chatted for a while and our conversation covered a wide range of topics that included a discussion of cheeses, where to go for the best seafood, homeopathy and Judaism. Zahava and Klaus left a little before 2:00 to have some lunch.

Our lunch happened at 3:30 and in addition to some oven roasted sliced potatoes we enjoyed a very nice steak, along with some mushrooms that had been cooked in red wine.  We opened a very nice bottle of wine and slowly savored our late lunch.  My birthday presents to Susan included a statuette of Jiminy Cricket and Ferrán Adriá’s new cookbook where he shares the recipes that he prepared for the staff meals.  It is less exotic and more down to earth than hos other cookbooks.  Susan’s third present is in the mail and when it arrives she too will have a Fitbit.  We took a little stroll around 5:00 and although the temperature yesterday flirted with the 70’s it was getting a bit cool.

Our evening was very uneventful.  We read for a while.  I have started a new book called Siete días en Julio, which deals with a former police officer who has returned to Barcelona after having served an eight-year prison term working on Franco’s grand monument to himself – El Valle de los Caídos.  We also watched another episode of Inspector Lewis.  Susan headed for bed at 10:30 and I stayed up to read another few chapters in my book.  Bedtime for me came a little after 11:30. What follows are some photos taken by Susan on 12/30/11

The key to staying warm while eating outside


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