Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It is 1:00 AM and we have just returned from one of the most incredible New Year’s Eves we have ever spent and one of the best meals we have ever consumed.  We arrived at La Fórcola at 9:15 and as soon as we walked through the door we were greeted by the staff and offered a Kir.  Soon thereafter we were seated at our table that was located close to the pizza oven with a perfect view of all the proceedings.  Water glasses were filled and so were our wine glasses, which were replenished throughout the evening.  The first course was a selection of antipasti – two different types of cheeses, salami, chorizo, and ham.  The second course consisted of two large shrimp fired in the oven and wrapped with prosciutto.  The third course was a puff pastry filled with caramelized foie and served in a fig and balsamic reduction.  The fourth course was a warm spinach salad with almonds and cherry tomatoes.  The fifth course was two spinach tortelli stuffed with a seafood mixture and served with small clams.  The sixth course was monkfish served on a bed of sliced potatoes.  The seventh course was a filet of veal loin served en croute.  Needless to say that as the meal progressed we left more and more on our plate.  A little before midnight dessert was set on the table.  It was a chocolate muffin served with a scoop of mascarpone ice cream.  A full bottle of prosecco was also put on our table along with the traditional twelve grapes.  A radio station was tuned in and we listened carefully for the arrival of the new year. As each stroke of midnight sounded we ate a grape in the hopes that each grape we ate would signal a happy month in the new year.  Susan and I successfully ate all twelve grapes, so here’s hoping.  At midnight the room erupted into a sea of kisses, as we all toasted the arrival of the new year.  As it turns out three people were also celebrating their January 1 birthday, so three rounds of Happy Birthday were sung. Susan and I left the restaurant at 12:45 and made the two-minute walk home effortlessly.

The hours previous to our dining extravaganza were, for the most part uneventful.  While Susan did her workout I paid a visit to the Nespresso store and stocked up on coffee.  We had a very light lunch consisting of a salad and a revuelto de morcilla.  After lunch we took advantage of the sunny 70-degree day and took a long stroll that included a stop at Linares for gelato.  We read for a while before we showered and dressed and headed out for La Fórcola.


The Happy Couple

The Birthday Girl



Sonia and Marina

Shrimp w/ Prosciutto

Foie in fig and balsamic vinegar reduction

Warm salad

Melissa and Marta

Tortelli w/ clams

Monkfish w/ potatoes

Palate cleansing sorbet

Filet of veal loin en croute on a bed of polenta

Juan and I



Chocolate Muffin w/ Marscapone Ice Cream and the 12 grapes.






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