And On The Seventh Day We Rested

Monday. November 28, 2011


The forecast for today is cloudy and that will end the string of five consecutive sunny days.  The temperatures have hovered in the 60’s and that has made walking very pleasant.  Susan has headed off to rune some errands and, as soon as I finish this blog entry, I will take care of a few things.  No grand plans for today, but I will attend tonight’s CIVAC meeting.

Yesterday was a kickback day.  It was so kickback that Susan did not get out of her pajamas until 4:00 PM.  I was out at 9:00 to pick up some bread and pastry at El Parisien.  Everything looks especially good when you have not had breakfast.  I picked up a couple of caracolas, an almond croissant and two loaves of bread.  On the way home I picked up a Sunday paper since Susan likes to read the Sunday paper.  When I arrived home the table was already set, so I unpacked the breakfast sweets and made myself a cup of coffee.

We made short work of one of the caracolas and the almond croissant.  The fruit plate that Susan had prepared was simply irresistible and I dug in.  After breakfast we put the dishes in the sink and each went about our morning tasks.  While I worked on the blog Susan read the paper.  In addition to writing the blog, I edited two articles for the Magic Agora website.  I am supposed to begin writing the script for my course by December 1, but the guts have yet to decided whether I am teaching this course in English or Spanish.  I will just sit tight until I get the word.

We had an early lunch at 1:30 and we feasted on the Thanksgiving leftovers some of which are even tastier the day after.  After lunch I took my traditional siesta and Susan read her book.  At 4:30 we decided to get a bit of exercise and we ended up at a sweet shop called Nibs where they sell pastry and chocolates.  We each chose a pastry and ordered a coffee to go along with them.  It was already growing dark when we started on our way home.

The evening was uneventful.  We watched some TV and read.  We snacked on the remaining turkey and opened up a bag of chips.  That ended up being supper. Around 10:30 I gave up the ghost and went to bed.

The newest Kaplan acquisition - a 32 inch Samsung

Sunday morning's fruit plate

2 caracolas y un croisan de almendras

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