There Must Be a Reason Why Plane Rhymes with Pain! – September 15, 2009

We headed out for LAX at 4:00 PM and arrived a little before 5:00.  Check in was painless and we made our way through security rather quickly.  Our intention was to sit down and have a drink and maybe a bite to eat while we waited for our flight to be called.  Big mistake.  Once you pass security at the Bradley terminal the only place you can get a drink is at the Marina Bar, which has all of ten seats – 7 stools and three oversized uncomfortable arm chairs.  The only hot food available are hot dogs.  There is also a selection of pre-made sandwiches and salads.  I am sure that all our foreign visitors who are returning to their homeland are very impressed.

Our Swiss Air flight took off on time.  We were traveling on an Airbus 340 and it is just as uncomfortable as any big jet that plies the Atlantic.  Who ever it was that said that the designer of the seats for jumbo jets was someone who was four foot six and suffered from scoliosis was probably correct..  The service on the plane was very attentive and there were an infinite number of video options to entertain one during the eleven hour flight.  I dozed of briefly, but sleep is darn near impossible in such a small space.  We arrived on time to Zurich and quickly made our way through passport control and security.  We had made our connecting flight with an hour to spare.  We were too weary to explore the wealth of shops and restaurants at the main terminal, but not too tired to note the difference in the facilities available to the international traveler in Zurich versus that which we found at LAX.

The flight to Barcelona took an hour and we were pleased to discover that all our luggage had arrived.  We were very impressed with the new terminal at the Barcelona airport which opened two months ago.  We passed an abundance of shops and restaurants as we made our way to baggage claim.

Our taxi delivered us to our hotel in less than twenty minutes and after getting settled we headed out to a nearby bar where we had a nightcap and a tapa or two.  We were back in our room a little after 10:00 and called it a night.

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