Here We Go Again!

We are five days away from takeoff and the packing has started getting serious.  We have made the necessary decisions about clothes, cosmetics, pills and electronics.  I still have to make some serious decisions about what magic effects to bring along.  I keep adding and subtracting items.  I know that i will make the final decision soon.

We leave LAX on September 15, 2009 at 7:20 PM on Swiss Air.  We fly into Zurich and then connect with a flight to Barcelona.  We will get to Barcelona in the early evening on the 16th and head for Valencia on the 18th.  October 4th will see us head to Madrid where we will spend the night.  Friday afternoon we head off to La Rioja with our good friends Carmen and Antonio.  I have known them since 1990.  We will spend Friday night in Ezcaray where we will eat at an outstanding restaurant called Echauren.  Saturday we will head off to el Ciego where we will visit the Marques de Riscal winery and spend the night at the Frank Gehry designed hotel.  We will head back to Madrid on Sunday and we will be there until Friday, October 9.

From Madrid we will head back to Valencia where we will stay until the 28th of  October.  We will head back to Barcelona the 28th and will take off from there on the 30th when we will return to Los Angeles.  My intent, at the moment, is to do my best to make daily entries into the blog.  I hope my net book is up to the task and I hope that I can find connectivity wherever we go.

I may make another entry before we leave.  Stay tuned!

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