Food, Music and Magic!

Monday, March 31, 2014

The weather continues to be changeable. There were strong winds on Thursday and Friday and we had rain on Saturday and Sunday. Today it’s sunny with temperatures in the mid 70’s. It feels like spring in New England.

I have been very busy proofreading the final copy of Juan Tamariz’s The Magic Way. It is the revised and expanded edition that has been translated into English by Rafael Benatar. I am about two-thirds of the way through the process and waiting for the final third to come across my desk late today.

We did a lot of eating out last week. We visited Mood Food on Tuesday, had lunch with Jordi on Thursday and Saturday was a double header with lunch a QTomás and dinner at Cuinar-te.

Friday evening we attended symphony. For a change of pace we sat in the coro behind the orchestra. We were seated in the first row directly behind the percussion section. There were five different percussionists for the first half of the concert and only one for the second part. The acoustics for the most part were fine with the exception of the guitar solos for Nocturnos de Andalucía. The soloist was Pepe Romero and it had been ages since we last saw him perform at the Ambassador Theater in Pasadena ages ago. The gem of the evening was Frank’s Symphony in D Minor, which was given a majestic treatment by the orchestra. Our seats cost us 10 Euros apiece and were a bargain given the marvelous experience we had.

Afterward we went in search of a bit of sustenance, however every single restaurant we tried was booked and only had outdoor tables available. It was too cold to sit outside, so after going 0 for 7 we decided to return home and forage.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to the Palacio de Congresos for a magic gala that was a fundraiser for the Proyecto Lázarus that hopes to find a cure for medullar lesions that confine its victims to wheelchairs. There were over 1,000 people in the audience when the curtain rose at 7:00. We enjoyed the magic of Jandro, Jorge Blass, nacho Diago and Nuel Galán. Brian had joined us for the magic performance and afterwards we went in search of Ofelia so that the four of us could have dinner. We went in search of a restaurant that could accommodate us and we were happy to discover a new restaurant, Cuinar-te, a good choice for a burger or a brochette.

Sunday we just stayed home and did not even manage to get out of our pajamas. We watched an episode of Sherlock and that was the highlight of our day!

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