La Ofrenda

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

            As soon as I posted yesterday’s blog entry commenting on the dearth of bands and casals passing by the house, the parade began and did not end until well after 11:00 PM.  Today is father’s Day in Spain, El Día de San José, and it is the official end of Fallas.  Tonight is the Cremat when all Ninots will be burned to the ground, with the exception of the two winners that will enter in the Falla Museum.  Things will begin to return to normal for a while and before we know it, Holy Week will be upon us.  Be that as it may, we will enjoy the pause in activity.

            I stayed home yesterday to work on several projects that needed completion and Susan headed off to the casal around 2:00 for lunch followed by a rather intensive photo shoot of the preparation involved in getting the falleras mayors dressed and ready for their participation in the ofrenda. The photos that accompany this brief post will help you understand what is involved in the process.

1239210_686297698082942_930975792_o_MG_6987 _MG_6988 _MG_6989 _MG_6990 _MG_6991 _MG_6994-Edit _MG_6995 _MG_6996 _MG_6997 _MG_7000 _MG_7002 _MG_7008 _MG_7012 _MG_7016 _MG_7018 _MG_7019 _MG_7020 _MG_7022 _MG_7024 _MG_7026 _MG_7027 _MG_7028 _MG_7029 _MG_7030 _MG_7031 _MG_7035 _MG_7036 _MG_7038 _MG_7039 _MG_7041 _MG_7042 _MG_7043 _MG_7046 _MG_7048 _MG_7050 _MG_7051 _MG_7053 _MG_7054 _MG_7056 _MG_7058 _MG_7061 _MG_7062 _MG_7063 _MG_7064 _MG_7065 _MG_7066 _MG_7068 _MG_7071 _MG_7072 _MG_7073 _MG_7074 _MG_7078 _MG_7080 _MG_7082 _MG_7083 _MG_7084 _MG_7086 _MG_7089 _MG_7090 _MG_7091 _MG_7093 _MG_7103 _MG_7105 _MG_7109 _MG_7115 _MG_7116 _MG_7117 _MG_7127 _MG_7129 _MG_7143 IMG_6982 IMG_7097 IMG_7100 IMG_7140 IMG_7141 IMG_7142

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