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Sunday, September 15, 2013

            As advertised, things are beginning to pick up here in Valencia now that vacation time has come to an end.  Thursday we were invited to Joana’s 3rd birthday party.  It was held at the MuVIM because it has an enormous patio that easily accommodates many people.  I would estimate that there were roughly 50 people in attendance, half of the children who ranged in age from 6 months to 5 years.  With all the carriages in evidence part of the patio resembled a parking lot.

            Many of those in attendance were part of the group of some 50 Swedes who make their home in Valencia.  A goodly number were parents whose children attend daycare with Joana.  It was fascinating to watch the three-year olds in action.  They are somewhat socialized at that age by virtue of attending daycare but, at the same time, they tend to revolve in their own orbit.  Taking a look at the expanse of the patio it was filled with three-years olds doing their own thing.  It was fun to watch!  We stayed for a little more than an hour and then made our way back home.

            Thursday night was a meeting of the veteranos.  Our focus for the past few meetings have been the various wallets that one can use for a card in wallet effect.  Thursday night was no different. Jerito performed a card in wallet effect that was both amazing and simple to do.  I think that having us over every Thursday does wonders for his spirit and allows him to share parts of his past with us.  After our session we went in search of a place to have supper.

            We have tried many different bars and restaurants and all of them manage to disappoint in one way or another.  Thursday we tried a place called Snooker that had garnered a number of good reviews on Yelp.  Things started out in a promising fashion with a very tasty plate of patatas bravas. Then came our sandwiches and the bread, which is a key ingredient, was disappointing.  My hamburger, which had received high praise from reviewers of this space, was a disappointment.  The patty was overcooked and lacking in taste.  The bacon was burned to a crisp and the bun was way too big for a hamburger that size.  Too make the experience even more disappointing the after-dinner coffee was a disaster.  Perhaps there was something wrong with their espresso machine, but every coffee served was more water than coffee.  We sent the coffees back and the next batch came out just as poorly as the first.  We shall continue our quest.

            Friday Susan caught up with a friend of Ruth Slater, Merle.  Merle had visited here in Valencia two weeks ago and on Friday took the train to Alzira to visit with her.  While there the two of them made the climb to the castle in Xativa and I am including some photos of that visit.  I stayed home and worked on a couple of projects.  Susan returned a little after 4:00 and we just took life easy for the rest of the day.

            Yesterday we did a goodly amount of shopping and, as a result, we had lunch at home.  Susan prepared a tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes and she used the sauce to top some veal purchased from our favorite butcher, Basilio.  To accompany the veal Susan made a dish of spinach, garbanzos and feta with the addition of garlic and a bit of heat from a guindilla.  For dessert we had a delicious peach courtesy of our friend, Concha, who probable sells the best fruit in the Mercado Central. After lunch we read for a bit and then we got dressed for our evening excursion.

            The concerts sponsored by Los Amigos de la Guitarra de Valencia started up again last night. The musicians featured were a duo from Poland, He played guitar and she violin.  Their program featured pieces that were modern and classical.  They are both very accomplished musician and the ninety minutes that comprised the program seemed to fly by.  After the concert we walked back from the Museo de Bellas Artes and stopped in at The Ginger Loft for a light supper and a visit with Mike and Santi. We enjoyed our conversations as well as some Dim Sum, ceviche and a Thai curry.  We made our way back home around 11:00.  We read for a while and then shut off the lights a little before midnight.

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