Nacho Diago

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunny and windy is the forecast for today with temperatures reaching the high 70’s.  We have been invited to share the first Seder with Zahava and Klaus and Brian and Ofelia will be there also.  We will probably spend a part of the afternoon packing our bags for our four days in Madrid before we head out for our Passover meal.

Yesterday we were at La Rambleta, a little before 11:30 to see Nacho Diago performing for the younger set.  The show took place in the area that is generally used for ­café teatro where patrons can sit at tables and order drinks and such while watching a show.  Most of the tables had been cleared out to accommodate small chairs and other forms of seating that is appropriate for the little ones.  By the time the performance started there were probably 150 of us ready to be entertained.

It is always a pleasure to watch Nacho perform.  He has an engaging and winning personality and when combined with his knowledge garnered from his acting, his studied selection of effects, his talent and his timing, you know that you are always in for a treat.  This time was no exception.  He chose effects that would appeal to a variety of age groups so there was something for everyone.  I always enjoy his performance of the Linking Rings and his handling of the Half-Dyed Hank and I was not disappointed yesterday.

Sofía had joined us at our table and after the performance we chatted briefly with Nacho and Sofía had a chance to chat with the two gentlemen who are our liaisons for the 24 Horas Mágicas.  We finally clarified the fact that the Gala Infantil on April 14th will take place in the theater and not in the café teatro. With five different magicians, each of whom needs to set up and break down their effects a stage with a curtain is definitely needed.

When we got home we put away our things and then made our way to El Molinón for lunch. It was an enjoyable meal and, as a bonus, we got to chat with Vilma for a bit.  When we arrived home, we got comfortable and spent the rest of the day and evening doing our thing.

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