Forward March!

Friday, March 8, 2013

The technology rebellion continues in the Kaplan household.  The print head on Susan’s HP has given up the ghost and it looks like the options are to find a new print head or just replace the unit.  Given the fact that the printer is four years old and has had other problems that I was able to address, the answer is clear.  So, we will head to the FNAC shortly and shop for a printer.

I visited the Apple Store the other day with my Time Capsule, which was not backing up my computers.  I suspected there was a problem with the hard disk and when Quique at the Genius Bar turned on the unit, it was readily apparent to him that the unit needed to be replaced. It took me ten minutes to set it up again and is functioning properly.  The iMac has been on for the past three days and is still backing up files to Carbonite.  I have not used it for any other purposes, lest it repeat the black screen problem.  I will wait until all files have been backed up and will then experiment.  I am currently writing this on my MacBook Pro.

We had lunch at Ballando Nudi on Wednesday.  Along with a pasta dish we had a black crepe filled with octopus that was absolutely delicious.  We had a long conversation with Francisco who filled us in on his future plans.  When they become public knowledge I will share them with you.  After lunch Susan paid a visit to La Terraza del MuVIM and took the photos that you will find at the end of this post.  I took advantage of her absence to finish a translation for Magic Ágora.

Yesterday I finished the process of marking the prices for all the effects and decks I will be offering for sale at the Monday night meeting of the CIVAC.  It has taken me a couple of days to do so, but it will make collecting money a bit easier.  I am not sure how much magic I will sell given the state of the economy.  However, as Susan has reminded me, whatever I sell means that I will have less to store here at home.

Last night after the meeting of the veteranos, we went to Carosel for a belated celebration of Pepe’s January birthday.  Pepe opened up a couple of bottles from his recent trip to La Rioja where he visited with Benjamín Romeo.  Both the red wine and the white wine were superb.  Last night’s dinner featured huevos rotos, croquestas de jamón, buñuelos de bacalao and steak.  After dinner Paquito and Gurrea came by the house and we took all the magic that I will be selling to La Cuchara.  Monday evening at 6:30 I will meet up with Paquito and we will set up the display and wait to see what sells and what doesn’t.

IMG_1186 IMG_1190 IMG_1196 IMG_1199-Edit IMG_1203 IMG_1208 IMG_1209 IMG_1212 IMG_1217 IMG_1220 IMG_1222 IMG_1223 IMG_1226

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