Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The cold and windy weather we have experienced for the past week or so is very conducive to just staying indoors.  Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for others, the weather all around us has been extremely violent with abundant snowfall in the mountains to the north and waves as high as thirty feet on the Atlantic coast.  London and Paris have experienced snow in the past few days.  It’s a good thing that global warming is really a hoax perpetrated by the liberal media.

We have just returned from The Central Marker where we have stocked up on fruits and vegetables.  Simply by looking at all that is on display, it is quite clear that oranges, strawberries and artichokes are in season.  I have seen nine pounds of oranges selling for $2.00.  Going up and down the aisles we discovered a new stand that is selling Greek and Middle-Eastern products.  We purchased some hummus, baba ganoush, stuffed grape leaves, tzatziki, and pita bread to see if this will become a go to place for us.  They also sell halvah and I could not resist so there is some now sitting in our refrigerator that will satisfy that something sweet urge that seems to come and visit every night around ten.

I have finished the translations for the second issue of EL MANUSCRITO.  I still need to do a bit of proof reading, but all the hard work has been completed.  One of the articles includes three pages from a book entitled The Ramsay Legend and it fell to me to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reproduce those three pages.  It was a rather circuitous route because, as it turned out, the author no longer holds the copyright and I had to do a little investigative work to track down the current copyright holder.  However, track him down I did and he graciously gave his permission to reproduce those three pages.

I have been doing some more work on my stand-up act for grownups.  It is going to be a long process until I find the proper presentation for the nine effects I have in mind.  I have tried several attempts as patter, but it turns out to be too cute and too clever for my own good.  So, it is back to the drawing board.  Given the fact that there is no deadline for the creation of the act, I can give it the proper time that it deserves.

When I walked by La Fórcola on Monday I discovered that their pizza oven, which works on gas, had suffered a malfunction and while they were waiting for the replacement part they had transformed the oven into a wood burning one.  Leo told me that the ribs that were coming out of the oven were unbelievably delicious.  I could not resist the temptation and Susan and I showed up for lunch and in addition to starting off our meal with some delicious anchovies, we shared a pizza and ribs both from the wood burning oven.  Heaven on a plate!

Susan went off with Zahava last night to see “Lincoln” and I caught up with Pepe.  Pepe is hard at work on the relaunch of Magic Agora and has been busy filming effects that will become part of the basic course in card magic.  We decided to go out in search of a tapa or two, but since yesterday was a día festivo many places were closed.  We ended up at a small restaurant called Botifarra and enjoyed some great mushrooms and marinated chicken kebab.  We walked a bit more and stopped in Café Lisboa for a coffee.  When I retuned home, I worked for a while on my magic and a bit later Susan returned from the movies.  She thoroughly enjoyed the film, as well as the performance of her favorite actor, Daniel Day Lewis.  We chatted for a while and then it was off to bed.

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