A Thought For Today

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today I received a call telling me that our belongings have made it through customs and that once we pay the port fees they will be released and the moving company will then deliver them here.  The fees are similar to handling fees and are not duty that needs to be paid on our personal goods.  All our goods have been deemed duty free.  It looks like there is an unpacking party in our future.

There has not been a lot happening around here as we finish recovering from the Thanksgiving extravaganza.  We have however managed to have a meal or two at some of our favorite places.  Monday we had lunch at La Fórcola and yesterday we had lunch at The Ginger Loft.  It’s a lot like catching up with old friends because we are, in fact, catching up with old friends.

There was a meeting of the CIVAC Monday night that focused on some of the basics of mentalism.  I hung around until 9:45 and passed on the opportunity to grab a sandwich at The London Café.  Speaking of magic, I finished my translation of a Juan Tamariz interview that turned out to be twenty-five pages long.  I have sent it off and I think the translation business will quiet down for the next month or so.  That’s good news because I have a proofreading date with a 400-page book in early January.

Twenty-nine years ago yesterday Pepe’s father passed away and Pepe wrote a very moving post on his blog in memory of his father and his father’s legacy.  http://www.malditosmagos.com/noticiasnews/2012/conexiones-benditas-conexiones/ Pepe is an incredible writer no matter what the subject and yesterday’s entry was no exception.  What really struck me was his saying; “I live in a parenthesis between my father, Jaime, and my son, Jaime.” That is a very powerful sentence that succeeds in suggesting an incredible number of images and ideas.  It makes me think that we all live in a parenthesis between our past and our future.

That’s the word from Valencia.  We are going out for tapas with Jim and Yun this evening and I am looking forward to an evening of interesting conversation.

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