Lunch With Eddy

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Today started off overcast with intermittent rain.  Susan and I woke up at 7:30 so that we could meet up with Zahava and Klaus and the metro station to catch the metro out to the town of Liria.  Our plan was to walk from the metro station to the town of Benisanó to take a class on the making of the perfect paella valenciana.  I will give you the details tomorrow.

Yesterday we paid an early afternoon visit to the central market and picked up a few things to get us through the weekend.  Around 2:30 we decided to visit with Eddy at La Comisaría and to let him feed us.  Eddy has now instituted a menú del día, in addition to offering the regular menu.  Since we had never tried the menú, we decided to give it a go.

The menú del día includes three shared appetizers, a paella, dessert and a beverage of your choosing.  As always, Eddy spoiled us and we enjoyed four starters.  We began with two fried ravioli, followed by two vegetable won tons, a dish of fried eggs, potatoes and ham (huevos rotos), and a couple of langoustines.  We then enjoyed individual servings of paella that was dotted with Bok Choy, ham and mushrooms.  Each serving of paella was made to order, as opposed to those restaurants that make a large paella that sits on a counter and then give the individual portions a quick pass through the microwave.  Dessert was a brownie, served with a banana and topped with a sweet foam.  Both the brownie and the banana were cut into small squares.  A cup of coffee finished off the meal and we passed on the offer of a chupito.

As it turned out, lunch was the activity of the day and we spent the rest of the day reading, relaxing and watching a bit of TV.  Susan made a curried chicken salad for supper and that was the essence of our meal.  We went to bed at a reasonable hour so that we could be well rested for today’s excursion.

Fresh green beans are now in season at the Central Market!

Susan does brochettes!


Won Ton!

Huevos Rotos!

Paella Eddy style!

Just Desserts!

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