An Unexpected Invitation

Saturday, October 27, 2012

We needed to run a few errands yesterday morning and we were back home a little after 1:00.  I sat down to do some more translation work and Susan continued her reading of Ken Follett’s latest novel.  As lunchtime drew closer we discussed where we might go for lunch and we decided that La Fórcola would be a good destination.

On our way we stopped off at Cervecería Las Torres to chat with Paco.  He invited us to a Halloween celebration that is happening next Wednesday evening.  It is a costume party so that might get in the way of our attending.  We shall see.  We crossed the street and said a quick hello to Nacho who was busy with customers.  We then continued on our way and walked into La Fórcola.

We said hello to Sonia, Marta and Juan and took a seat at our usual table.  We opted for the menu of the day and we each enjoyed a Greek salad, a pizza with ham and mushrooms and dessert.  Susan had the tarta de queso and I had the tiramisu.  We finished our meal with coffee and turned down a chupito.  We walked back home and I took my usual siesta.

We wanted to see the new Woody Allen film and there was no 8:30 showing at the Cines Babel, which shows all films in their original version, but there was an 8:30 showing at Cines Lys and I thought we had seen a sign when we walked by the other day that said version original.  We headed out around 8:00 and as we passed by the Teatro Olympia we saw Pepe who was waiting outside the theater where he was going to see Anthony Blake’s one man show.  Anthony Blake is Spain’s most famous mentalist who appears regularly on TV.  We chatted for a while and then we continued on our way.

I lined up to buy tickets and when I got to the ticket window I discovered, to my dismay, that they were showing the dubbed version.  Bummer!  So, we changed our plan and decided to go to The Ginger Loft and catch up wit Santi, whom we had not seen since our return to Valencia.  He arrived a few minutes after we arrived and we spent an hour or so chatting with him and Mike.  I had a beer and Santi mixed up a special cocktail for Susan.  A little after 9:30 we continued on our way.

We got as far as Carosel and decided that we would really like something of the grill, so we were shown to one of the indoor tables and quickly decided that some grilled vegetables along with some secreto ibérico and lamb chops would be the ideal dinner.  Everything was delicious.  Jordi came over to the table and we chatted for a while.  He finally revealed to us where his new place was going to be.  It is on the ground floor of the MuVIM – Museo Valencia de Ilustración y Modernidad.  The museum is a about a ten minute walk from our house so that will make it easy to get to.  The focus of the new space will be food and entertainment.  As Jordi explains it, it will be a good place to just chill.

We finished our meal and paid our bill.  As we were leaving, Pepe walked in.  He had just arrived from Anthony Blake’s show and he, along with five others – including Anthony Blake – were doing to have a little dinner.  Anthony was already seated at one of the outdoor tables, so I walked over and said hello.  It had been a while since I had last seen him.  It was about five or six years ago and I was in town with a group of Westridge students.  On that occasion, Pepe had hired out a space and made a paella for my group and some other friends after giving us a tour of the Mercado Central.

Anthony and I chatted for a while and in the course of our conversation he invited Susan and me to come and see his 9:00 o’clock show this evening.  He will leave two tickets at the box office for us.  Who could say no to such an invitation? We said our goodbyes and walked home.  We read for a bit and shut off the lights a little after midnight.

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