A Mellow Monday

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yesterday was a day to take things easy and to eat lightly. Susan made a trip to the Central Market to pick up some chicken, some fruit and some vegetables and I made a pilgrimage there about thirty minutes later to catch up with Amparo and to learn why their stand had been closed all last week.  It turned out that it was for a good reason.  She was a grandmother again and that was occasion enough to take the entire week off to rest, relax and celebrate.

I spent a good part of my morning and afternoon working on translations, as well as a rather length blog post.  Susan prepared a lovely stir-fry for lunch with onions, peppers, broccoli and chicken.  She also made a risotto to go along with it.  We had fresh fruit for dessert.  Peaches are either back in season or still in season here.

I rested up a bit and around 7:30 I took a quick shower and headed off to the CIVAC meeting.  Last night’s program was a lecture by Argentinean magician, Iñaki Zabaleta.  He is well-seasoned professional who is expert and close-up and stand-up magic.  He did and explained a number of effects from his professional routines. Iñaki splits his time between Buenos Aires and Madrid and today he is off to his home in Argentina.

The lecture lasted a good ninety minutes and afterwards a dozen off us sat down for sandwiches and conversation.  I left a little after 10:30 since we needed to be up rather early this morning for our 9:00 AM appointment at the Deparamento de Extranjería.  When I got home we double-checked that we had all the necessary documents for our visa application and it was lights out a little after 11:00.

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