Here’s Looking Achoo, Kid!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Well, it’s official.  I have a cold.  I think I caught it last Monday either from the people who were coughing and sneezing on the AVE or from one of my fellow magicians at the CIVAC.  Now I have no other option than to wait it out.

Yesterday was a day of minimal activity.  Susan made a lovely lunch.  We had a salad, duchess potatoes and filets of chicken breast.  The Albariño that we drank to accompany the meal went down just fine.  We had an early supper that was made up of leftovers – some sliced turkey, jamón serrano, paté de campaña, a variety of cheeses and a leftover empanada or two.  Having emptied the refrigerator a visit to the Mercado Central was first on out list of things to do today.

Our first purchase was some ham and some turkey.  Needing to replenish our white wine supply we headed for our favorite wine merchant and picked up two bottles of Verdejo, one of Albariño and a bottle of Mala Vida, which has become our favorite red table wine.  Next was a visit to Basilio where we picked up some vealand we finished our morning excursion with a visit to Amparo where we stocked up on fruits and vegetables.  In the course of our visit we ran into Jordi who was concerned because we did not show up on Friday evening fro dinner as we had planned.

Today we ordered the makings of a new bookcase from Ikea.  Ikea keeps threatening to open a store here in Valencia, but that it a discussion that appears to have no definitive ending.  There seems to be no agreement as to where to locate it.  Once that is decided then they will have to build it.  The closest Ikea store is in Murcia. Murcia is about 112 miles away from Valencia.  We have found a service that will pick up our order in Murcia, transport it to our home here in Valencia and set it up.  The boxes will arrive on Wednesday and they will set up the bookcase on Thursday.  The bookcase is an exact copy of the bookcase that lives in my office and we will place it on the opposite wall and when my books and magic arrive at the end of November their new home will be waiting for them.

It did rain a bit yesterday, but rain has been taken out of the weekend forecast.  As I look out my office window I see that the sun has come out and the rest of the day promises to be cool and sunny.  We just may have to go in search of lunch.

We spoke with Rachel last night.  She too is fighting a cold. Her sister-in-law, Melissa arrived on Thursday night.  She is in Boulder with a two-fold purpose.  Sunday will mark the first anniversary of the passing of Israel Rosencrantz, Rachel’s husband and Melissa’s brother.  Rachel and Melissa will visit the cemetery on Sunday.  Additionally, Melissa has come back to pick up a number of her mother’s items that have been stored on Rachel’s sun porch.

That’s the word from here.  Thanks for reading the blog. I hope you are enjoying reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

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