Signed, Sealed, And Delivered

Friday, June 22, 2012

It’s a done deal.  We signed the lease for the new apartment yesterday afternoon.  We get the keys on Wednesday and are free to move our things in next Wednesday afternoon if we so desire.  Needless to say both Susan and I are thrilled for some of the same reasons, as well as different reasons.

The apartment is huge.  It is close to 2200 square feet.  It has a formal dining room and living room.  There are four bedrooms one of which has been converted into an office that will become my office.  The master bedroom has a king size bed in it along with a number of closets.  The second bedroom has two twin beds and the third bedroom can be used as a combination bedroom/office because it contains a rather substantial desk.  The master bath has a spa tub and all the other things one would expect to find in a bathroom.  The second bathroom has the most unbelievable shower I have ever seem.

The kitchen is not to be believed.  It is enormous and has every modern convenience one could imagine.  In addition to the refrigerator and stove there is a microwave, a washer, a dryer and a dishwasher.   There is an island where the two of us could have our breakfast.  There is also a table that seats six and a sofa.  There is a television in the kitchen, as well as the bedroom.  The apartment is completely furnished with everything that one would ever need to live comfortably.  There is no need to go out and buy dishes, flatware, pots and pans, towels or bed linens.  Everything is included in the rental price.  The rent is high, but significantly less than what we are paying on our mortgage and condo fees in Alhambra.

Susan saw the ad for this place almost by accident.  She had already made appointments to see some other places and when she checked the website to see if there were any new offerings, this one popped up.  The reason it popped up is because they had dropped the price of the rental.  The current owners of the apartment, Alicia and Esteban, are moving to the nearby town of Denia where Esteban’s job has now taken him.  In essence, we are renting their high-end home in which they have invested much time, love, effort and money.  We feel fortunate to have found and rented this space and are grateful to Alicia and Esteban for making this a very smooth transaction.  They have been very generous to us and we have not moved in yet.

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