Thursday, May 30, 2012

Last night was another late night, but given the fact that dinner started closer to 10:00 PM it did not come as a great surprise. Magolo had told us that the dinner would be una de oferta, which meant that the items that showed up on the table would be those that were on sale at the market.  He was true to his word.

There were a variety of appetizers plated and placed on the table.  There was a variety of vegetables, some guacamole and a bit of fish.  Then came a never-ending supply of chicken curry and basmati rice.  For those that were still hungry there was a plate of turkey burgers and when those disappeared it was time for dessert.  Each dinner guest received a plate with two profiteroles and a slice of chocolate volcano cake.  The meal was accompanied by red and white jug wine.  In truth, this was a fun meal and very appropriate for the occasion.

After the meal decks of cards made their appearance and several people came to the fore and did a trick or two.  Even though I had prepared two effects, the conditions were not conducive to their being performed so they will have to wait for another day.  No problem.  A little after 11:00 we presented Magolo with a rather large birthday card and we thanked him for inviting us to share his retirement dinner.  Conversations continued here and there and it was a little after 12:30 when Susan and I made our way home.  It was yet another fun evening with Valencia’s magicians.

Here are some photos from last night courtesy of Susan.


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