A Busy Week Ahead

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The agenda seems to fill up magically.  Later this afternoon we will head out to see our friend, Rebeca Valls, in student directed scenes from García Lorca’s YermaThe first time we saw her was as the youngest daughter in García Lorca’s La casa de Bernarda Albain Madrid.  Wednesday evening there is an event at La Cuchara Mágica celebrating the retirement of Magolo who is also a member of the CIVAC.  Thursday evening the veteranos get together again.  Friday Ofelia, Brian, Susan and I will attend a performance of Plecs and Saturday evening Susan and I will be attending a concert by the Spanish pop group Los Presuntos Implicados.

Yesterday we slept in and while Susan made her way to the Central Market I visited the bookstore around the corner in search of a recently published novel entitled Las doce llavesIt is a 900-page novel that is set here in Valencia and it has piqued my curiosity.  As it turned out they did not have a copy, but they ordered one for me and they should have it later today.

When Susan returned from her shopping expedition we decided that we would have a bountiful fruit salad for lunch making good use of the melons and stone fruits that are now abundant throughout the market.  A fresh loaf of bread was the perfect accompaniment.  We had our coffee later in the day.  After finishing my coffee I visited the travel agency that is around the corner.  Our friend and my former colleague, Juliet Henderson is coming for a visit in July and she has been trying without success to buy her train tickets on line.  There were several people ahead of me at the agency, but I was successful in getting her tickets.

In the evening I went to the CIVAC meeting where a number of the members performed variations of an effect called RESET.  I picked up a very interesting handling and I am toying with the idea of adding it to my repertoire.  I did not stay for dinner.  I headed home a little after 9:30 and stopped off at La Fórcola and got a pizza to go.  Susan and I had it for dinner and we spent the rest of the evening reading and watching some TV.  We were in bed before midnight.


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