No Pasa Nada

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have been taking it easy the last few days because the knee has been unhappy.  I think I have been trying to do too much, so my intention is to take it easy for the next several days.

Monday evening I went to the CIVAC meeting where the theme was sponge magic with rabbits.  As is frequently the case, Gurrea showed us a number of routines that called for them.  He also shared with us his commercial routine, the one that he always uses in his restaurant work.  His routine is both funny and magical.  I stayed at the meeting until 9:30 when I made my way back home.  I picked up a pizza along the way that would be Monday night’s supper and serve the same function on Tuesday.

I stayed close to home on Tuesday and Susan put together a lovely salad for lunch.  I spent the day reading, playing with my magic and watching a bit of TV.  Susan caught up with Vilma late in the afternoon and we spent the rest of the evening just relaxing.

Yesterday Susan started her day with her Pilates class.  A number of the ladies have coffee afterwards and discuss whatever is on their minds.  They will be having lunch together on Friday and Susan will join them.  When lunchtime rolled around we decided to grab a bite at Las Torres Cervecería where we started our Sunday adventure.  Their signboard advertised arroz a la banda for the bargain price of 3.33 Euros.  The dish also came with a salad.  We ordered some puntillas to start the meal and then we proceeded to enjoy the small salad and a rather generous serving of rice.  We shared a dessert and then finished our meal with coffee and a chupito.

Susan attended a mini-workshop at the photo gallery down the street and I used my time to catch up on episodes of GLEE.  When Susan returned we watched another episode of GLEE and followed that with an episode of SMASH.  We were in bed by midnight.

This evening I will be attending a meeting of the veteranos and Susan will be joining Ofelia and her fellow gallery members for dinner and a visit to a photography exhibit.  Friday evening Nacho of Mantequería Chisbert      has invited us to come for a light supper at 10:00 to be followed by a visit from the Virgen de los Desamaparados at 11:30.  The visit will be accompanied by a mascletá and some fireworks.  It should be interesting.

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