Spring Is Here!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring is in the air even if it is not in my step.  My recovery continues to be slow, but I am making progress.  I am able to walk greater distances and there is greater flexion in the knee then there was before.  I still have two plus weeks of PT and I am hopeful that the progress will continue.

Susan is still dealing with her cold, which has seemed to sap a lot of her energy.  We relaxed all of Sunday morning and we venture forth a little after 3:00 in search of lunch.  We ended up at Café Canela, which is an informal version of the restaurant of the same name down the street.  In fact, the restaurant kitchen prepares some of the entrées that are served at the Café.  We started our meal with esgarrat, which is prepared with strips of red pepper, cured cod, garlic and olive oil.  We followed that with some tortitas de camarón and then a lovely entrée of steak, potatoes and vegetables that had all been prepared on the flat top.  We split a profiterole for dessert and finished the meal with coffee and a mistela.

At one point in the meal the waitress came by the table and asked if I was the guy who had made the pearl poodle for them on a previous visit.  I confessed that I was the guilty party and she told me that they have kept it ever since I gave it to them and it has functioned as a good luck charm.  The waitress wanted to know when I was going to come back and make one for her.  We tentatively agreed that I would do that this Friday.

We slowly made our way back home and that ended up being our activity for the day.  We spent the rest of the day at home reading, relaxing, watching TV and working on the computer.

Today’s photos include some shots of the Cremá that Rachel took, photos of Rachel that Susan took and a shot or two from yesterday’s lunch.  Enjoy!

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