Friday, March 2, 2012
Yesterday was mostly rainy and succeeded in melting most of the snow on the side of the roads.  Today the temperature will be in the high 50’s and tomorrow it will be in the 60’s.  I have not moved the card for several days given the fact that I have not driven in the snow for the last 28 years.  I think this is a prudent move on my part.  Most of the snow has melted from the roof and windshield and I imagine that when we take off on Sunday for San Francisco all traces of snow will have disappeared from the car.

We have decided that it makes more sense to spend Sunday in San Francisco so that when we leave on Monday to return to Spain we do not have to hassle with returning the rental car and getting to the airport two hours before our 3:40 flight.  The other complication is the fact that I am limping

I woke up a couple of Mondays ago with some discomfort in my left knee.  I bought a knee brace and put in on in hopes that it would provide the necessary support until the discomfort went away.  It did not and the following week I was determined to stay off of it and use ice and Advil to bring the swelling down. That course of treatment was not to happen because that was the week that we had to fly to Nevada City. We did a lot of scrambling on Wednesday to get ready for our Thursday flight and in order to get from terminal to terminal and terminal to gate we had to do a lot of walking.  At times it necessitated wheeling the big suitcase we had taken and I was lugging my backpack throughout the entire journey.

Needless to say there was a high level of activity up until two days ago,  In that time period the discomfort had grown.  Yesterday we went to Yubadocs, which is a walk-in clinic.  Manipulating the knee gave no clear answer and so it was on to radiology at the hospital.  The x-rays have been read and I have a mild case of osteoarthritis.  The current course of treatment consists of rest, ice, elevation and the use of an anti-inflammatory.  When I get back to Valencia I will try some acupuncture since that seems to be effective in reducing both the swelling and the pain.

The number of people assembled her has been slowly decreasing.  Sue and Jacob left on Tuesday.  Saul left on Wednesday.  Sara left yesterday so that leaves Susan and I, as well as Katrina and Elio.  Robert, Susan and David have spent a lot of time going through all kinds of “stuff” and are trying to make some sense of the financials.  I have been taking life easy today and trying to strictly adhere to my pain and swelling reduction regimen.

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