Day 4 In Nevada City

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saul has just come up the hill and is working on a watercolor that will become the back cover for the celebration program.  David is off at his gym swimming laps.  Robert spent the night at his home in San Rafael so that he could sleep in his own bed last night and sing in the Glide Chorus in San Francisco, which is his usual Sunday morning gig.  Susan picked up Rachel thirty minutes ago and they are on their way up here.  Miladie and Mary are playing with Elio who has been the center of attention ever since he arrived.  I think Sara is still asleep after a late night out and I am not exactly sure where Katrina is at this moment.

Planning for the celebration continued yesterday.  Susan worked on the design for Tuesday’s program and discovered a most appropriate and beautiful prayer that she discovered at Friday night’s services and will be included in the program.  The Air Force will send an honor guard as is their custom when a veteran passes away.  An old friend of the family, Aiola, who sang with Bess and Sam when they presented their ymusical program here in Nevada City, will be part of the program.  Family members have been invited to speak and along with the Rabbi they will be the major participants in the celebration

Susan and I took a trip into town around 11:00.  Our goal was to find some Kosher food for Rachel that will sustain and entertain her for the few days that she will spend here.  We had good luck at the local supermarket and found a variety of chips and salsas, tuna fish, crackers, mayonnaise and canned tuna.  Susan and Rachel will stop off at a Trader Joe’s that is on the way back to Nevada City to fill in her cache of supplies and fresh fruit and vegetables are readily available here at Mary;s house.  Our morning trip also included a visit to the local toy store that carries some magic supplies.  I found a close-up mat and I picked up a couple of decks of cards because I have been asked to do some magic and I have enough basic supplies now that will allow me to do so.  Our last stop was at a coffee shop where our two coffees cost us $8.00.  Welcome back to the USA.  By the way, gas here in California is at $4.50 per gallon.

When we arrived home it was lunch time and so Mary and Miladie set out the cold cuts that we did not finish on Friday.  There was also some cold salmon and the warmed up potatoes from the other day.  A couple of bags of chips bit the dust and so did a number of bottles of beer.  The afternoon was an opportunity for everyone to pursue their own interests and I spent the afternoon reading and playing games on my iPad. There was no formal supper, as such.  We all just helped ourselves to whatever struck our fancy.

Katrina and Sara left about 8:00 in search of some sushi and some entertainment.  Susan went to bed early so she could get some sleep in before she had to get up early to meet Rachel at the Sacramento airport.  I busied myself with this and that and when I went to bed at 11:00, I was the last one standing.  I shut off al the lights and crawled into bed.

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