Roscón de Reyes

Saturday, January 7, 2012

We leave shortly for our afternoon in Pedreguer.  It will be an opportunity for us to catch up with Pepe’s mom, as well as other family members.  I believe that there will be another birthday celebration later this afternoon, but this one will be rather muted with a cake as the crowning event.

Yesterday we started our day with a roscón de reyes a cake that is traditionally eaten on El Día de los Reyes Magos.  It can be filled with buttercream, or whipped cream or chocolate and inside the cake.  It is topped with a cardboard crown.  In addition to the filling there are two objects baked into the cake.  One is a dry Fava bean and the other is a small ceramic king.  Whoever gets the piece with the king in it, gets to be the king of the party.  The person who gets the bean has to pay for the following year’s roscón.  In our case that person would be Susan.

We headed out a little after 1:00.  I was hoping that FNAC would be open so that I could buy a printer cable, but even FNAC was closed yesterday.  We continued on our way and walked another twenty-five minutes until we reached El Asador de Leandro where we would have our lunch.  We were greeted by both Eva and Leandro and we got settled at our table.  We did not need to look at a menu because we already knew what we wanted.  We ordered the sliced tomatoes with tuna, some croquetas two of which were stuffed with squid and two of which were stuffed with a shrimp mixture.  Leandro chose a steak for us and cooked it very rare, which is how we like it.  We had a glass of wine or two and skipped dessert.  As we were enjoying our coffee, Eva came by with two glasses of mistela.  When we finished we decided to walk home rather than take a cab.

The day had started out warm, but the wind grew stronger as the day progressed and we could tell that a change in the weather was on its way.  The forecast calls for sunny weather, but temperatures will hover around sixty.  That is more normative for this time of the year.  We mostly kicked back in the afternoon and evening.  Susan is very much engrossed in the novel she is reading and I started a new one.  Bedtime came early since we need to be ready for Sara to pick us up and drive us to Pedreguer.

Roscón 1

Roscón 2

Roscón 3

The king and the bean

El rey patótico

Tomato and tuna salad


La carne

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